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Making Health Care Better

The Alliance of Community Health Plans is a national leadership organization bringing together innovative health plans and provider groups that are among America’s best at delivering affordable, high-quality coverage and care. Our plans are shaping the future of health care - driving better health outcomes, building healthier communities and inspiring an entire industry to do better.

Payer-Provider Relationships

ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly and CMO Connie Hwang lay out five strategies for how health plans can help physicians adopt the latest evidence-based treatments in NEJM Catalyst.


Transparent PBMs: A Unique Approach

ACHP plans are offering an innovative, alternative solution to controlling prescription drug costs for consumers. The transparent PBM model used by many ACHP member plans is a proven, fully-transparent method that passes savings to consumers. These PBM models exist under the current safe harbor framework and have a proven track record on reducing costs. These transparent models eliminate the perverse incentives in traditional PBM models in which drugs with higher list prices receive preferred treatment.


Addressing Social Determinants to Secure America’s Health Future

Education and access to medical knowledge won’t fix the U.S. health care system: but it is part of the solution for what ails it. By giving doctors and patients the information they need to make smarter, better choices when making health decisions, America can and will start to improve outcomes and reduce costs. ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly explains

True North Preview