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Patients At-Risk In Fee-For-Service Health Care System Responsibility Of Managed Care To Offer Solution To Widespread Quality Problems

Washington, DC — In a speech today before the Midwest Business Group on Health, Daniel Wolfson, President and CEO of the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) noted that many patients are not being well-served by the traditional fee-for-service health care delivery system.

“It’s essential that consumers realize that there are serious problems in the old health care system, including a substantial amount of misuse, underuse, and overuse of important treatments and technologies,” said Wolfson. “Unlike the uncoordinated fee- for-service system, health plans have built ways to measure and improve the care patients receive.”

“The nature and complexity of modern medical science requires a shared model of health care delivery – one in which there is collaboration among physicians, purchasers, government, and the consumer,” said Wolfson. “Building trust and value are the two main goals of health plans all over the country.”

“The value of a system that measures quality health care means purchasers can make informed judgments about the right plan for their employees and their families,” said Wolfson. “It is our goal and responsibility to provide more information on individual plan performances and to offer more consumer-friendly data.”

Appearing with Wolfson as a co-presenter of the keynote address at the 19th Annual Conference of the Midwest Business Group on Health was Paul Ellwood, President of the Jackson Hole Group, and the nationally recognized founder of managed care.

The members of the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) include 26 independent, locally-managed and provider-based health plans.


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