CLIP: New risk scores from Intermountain help physicians provide better care for high-risk pulmonary patients

Intermountain Healthcare has developed a new method for estimating outcomes for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The Laboratory-based Intermountain Validated Exacerbation (LIVE) score is a prediction model that predicts all-cause mortality, morbidity, and hospitalization rates for patients with COPD, a chronic, progressive lung disease that gradually makes it hard to breathe. In the study, Intermountain Healthcare researchers calculated LIVE scores of 17,124 COPD patients from the Kaiser Health System Northwest Region. They found that patients with high-risk LIVE scores had the highest one-year mortality rates (39.4 percent) and the highest rate of palliative care referrals (41.7 percent). In comparison, patients with the lowest risk LIVE scores had 0.7 percent all cause one-year mortality and 0.7 percent palliative care referral rate.