Learning Group: Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Learning Group focuses on expanding access to behavioral health services and strengthening the quality of care for patients with behavioral health needs. The learning group also concentrates on how to implement value-based models and adapt to policy changes in a way that is sensitive to the needs of behavioral health patients. Recently, the learning group has discussed integrating care delivery, developing effective prevention and treatment methods for substance use disorders, and addressing social determinants of health.

ACHP Behavioral Health Directors Contact List — January 2018


Spring Collaborative Meeting — May 2017
Spring Collaborative Meeting — February 2016


Update Call: Behavioral Health Learning Group— December 2017
Webinar: Improving Collaboration between Criminal Justice & Behavioral Health Care Systems — November 2017
Update Call: Behavioral Health Learning Group — September 2017
Webinar: Aligning Criminal Justice & Behavioral Health Care Goals — July 2017
Update Call: Behavioral Health Learning Group — June 2017
Subgroup Update Call: Fraud and Abuse — March 2017
Webinar: Parity and its Effect on Intermediate Levels of Care — March 2016


Report: Strategies for Behavioral Integration
This publication highlights how care integration helps streamline care, reduce costs for patients and the system, improve patient access to evidence-based treatment, reduce stigma associated with mental health treatment and improve patients’ quality of life.

Depression Screening Initiatives
This publication outlines efforts from five ACHP member organizations to enhance their approach to depression screening. The report highlights organizations’ progress to date and is intended to prompt further assessment and evaluation with other stakeholders.

ACHP Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration Survey
This publication outlines ACHP member plans’ behavioral health and primary care integration efforts.