NEWSLETTER: Leading the Way in Workplace Wellness

A UCLA study finds workplace wellness programs improved the ability to cope with stress and enhanced an overall sense of well-being. Work productivity increased as well.

ACHP’s member plans are leading the way in workplace wellness. They are administering successful internal and external programs that offer an abundance of useful tools for employees.

Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan (CDPHP) offers a broad choice of wellness resources created to help employees take control of their health, including free health and wellness classes, online resources and personal health management. CDPHP will also provide a health promotion specialist to assist in the development and implementation of a personalized wellness plan to serve as a supportive guide.

Kaiser Permanente’s Live Well Be Well Program was awarded the “Platinum certification” by the National Business Group on Health for promoting health and wellness among employees in their region. The program has six major categories: Healthy eating, physical activity, emotional health and wellness, prevention, healthy workplace and healthy community.

UCare’s onsite workplace wellness program. RENEW, offers an assortment of fitness and relaxation classes, personal trainers, discounted fitwear items, financial incentives and fresh fruit deliveries. Since 2007 the program has been an annual recipient of Hennepin County’s Wellness by Design Worksite Award.

Through programs like these, ACHP members are creating healthier, more productive communities.


-Jazmyne Stephenson
Communications Intern