Press Release

In Modern Healthcare ACHP Discusses How New Preventive Service Rankings Can Improve Care

ACHP president and CEO, Jack Ebeler writes in an op-ed appearing in the June 12th issue of Modern Healthcare that new research ranking 25 preventive health care services will help health care providers and consumers identify which services offer the most clinical benefit at the least cost.  The research was conducted by the National Commission on Prevention Priorities (NCPP),Partnership for Prevention and the HealthPartners Research Foundation. 

The preventive services rankings, which were unveiled on May 16th, can be translated into clinical practice and have a real impact on the health of the nation.  The research also draws attention to high-priority preventive services that are underutilized, and documents the benefits that can be achieved if service levels are improved for these measures. 

 Ebeler, who is a member of the NCPP, writes in the op-ed that ACHP has “spent the past six months working with Partnership for Prevention and other organizations to educate health plans and purchasers about the rankings and their utility.” 

With support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ACHP is working with its member health plans to bring them together with purchasers so they can discuss creating and promoting a health care benefit that is mindful of the new research.

Read the reportPriorities for Americas Health: Capitalizing on Life-Saving, Cost-Effective Preventive Services.