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Eight of the 16 Not-for-Profit, Provider-Based Health Plans Recognized are ACHP Members

Washington, D.C. – In a ranking of health plans from around the nation, not-for-profit and provider-based plans comprised the majority of those honored as the nation’s top performers for customer service and health and wellness information. Eight of the top 16 health plans identified for the 1999 Sachs HMO Honor Roll and Seal of Excellence are members of the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP), a national association of 26 independent and locally-managed health plans.

Health plans acknowledged in the 1999 Sachs Honor Roll are plans that excelled in two areas – customer loyalty, and satisfaction with health and wellness information – both indicators of positive influence of information on consumers and the added value of health programs that have an impact on health behavior. The ACHP health plans which comprised one-half of the awardees in this category include: Group Health Cooperative Puget Sound, Seattle; Kaiser Permanente of Colorado, Denver; and Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States.

The ACHP member health plans that were awarded the Sachs Seal of Excellence for outperforming other health plans in one of the two categories (customer loyalty and satisfaction with health and wellness information) include: AvMed Health Plan, Miami (customer loyalty); Health Alliance Plan, Detroit (customer loyalty); HealthPartners, Minneapolis (health/wellness information); Kaiser Permanente Northwest (health/wellness information); and M Plan, Indianapolis (health/wellness information).

“The health plans recognized by this honor are finding new and better ways to bring value to their customers,” said Daniel Wolfson, ACHP President and CEO. “The results reflect ACHP member plans’ continuing commitment to quality, customer service, and dissemination of useful health and wellness information.”

The fourth annual awards are based on Sachs/Scarborough HealthPlus (TM) market research. HealthPlus surveys more than 100,000 consumers in 39 markets and includes information on more than 140 health plans.

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