CLIP: Kaiser Permanente survey finds patients want providers to address social needs

A majority of patients feel providers should do more to identify and address their social needs, according to a new Kaiser Permanente survey released Tuesday. Among the survey’s key findings was that 97 percent of respondents said they felt their medical provider should ask about social needs during visits. While 80 percent of patients surveyed reported they would find it helpful for their clinician to provide information on available resources or support to apply for help, only 42 percent said they would turn to their provider for such information. Kaiser Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson said the survey results helped validate that social needs have an impact on patients’ health, but he was still surprised by the number of people who directly linked the two. Tyson also discussed the survey results and Thrive Local campaign focused on social determinants during a Washington Post Live Q&A with ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly; the video can be found here.