Press Release

Alliance of Community Health Plans Releases Compendium of Innovations in Health Plans

Washington, D.C. – The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) today released Doing Health Care Right: A Compendium of Innovations.

Doing Health Care Right reviews innovations by ACHP members in areas like culturally competent care and reduction of pharmacy errors – issues that are vitally important to patients and communities,” said Jack Ebeler, President and CEO of ACHP. “We hope that it helps foster understanding about changes in health care today, and helps spread these ideas and innovations to other health care organizations.”

The compendium summarizes 20 specific innovations. In addition to the issues of culturally competent care and pharmacy errors, the report provides overviews of innovations in chronic care for depression and hypertension; same-day access; care for children; nurse navigators; women’s health; wellness centers; and information technology innovations that provide secure, web-based access for patients as well as information for physicians to help them provide the care needed during each visit.

The compendium is available in hard copy as well as through the ACHP website,