Press Release

Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) Announces New “Key Issues in National Health Care Policy” Series

Today, ACHP released the first in a series of new presentations that examine key issues in national health care policy. “National Health Spending & Benefits” looks at the drivers of ever-increasing spending and examines who is paying. The presentation also examines the implications of rising health care costs on coverage.

This presentation – and future offerings in the “Key Issues” series – compiles research from a variety of government and private organizations. Each presentation is designed to provide a basic level of knowledge on important policy topics, such as health spending, variations in health care and others.

ACHP will post new presentations on other topics in the coming weeks. All presentations will be available on ACHP’s Web site,

For more information, please contact Paul Skowronek at or 202.785.2247.

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ACHP is a leadership organization that brings together innovative health plans and provider organizations that are among America’s best at delivering affordable, high-quality coverage and care to their communities. Drawing on years of experience, members collaborate to identify problems, share information and work toward solutions to some of health care’s biggest challenges. Their work is the foundation for ACHP’s advocacy on behalf of better health care nationally. More information is available at