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ACHP Member CareOregon Awarded Medical Home Grant

Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) member CareOregon of Portland has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the Commonwealth Fund to support its ongoing efforts to provide patient-centered medical care for its membership.

The Safety Net Medical Home Initiative is sponsored in large part by the Commonwealth Fund of New York and funds health care delivery improvement initiatives across the country.

CareOregon will collaborate with the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) to form a Regional Coordinating Center to deliver a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care to its patient base of Medicaid beneficiaries. CareOregon is the state’s largest Medicaid managed care organization and OPCA operates clinics that care for more than 20 percent of the state’s Medicaid and uninsured population.

The Regional Center rwill receive $125,000 per year for four years to provide PCMH technical assistance and training programs at 13 clinics across the state. The PCMH is a model of primary care that emphasizes care and service coordination across providers and settings, 24/7 access to services and case management for chronic conditions. 

CareOregon is one of 15 member plans that form ACHP’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Collaborative. Members of the Collaborative measure both the structure of their PCMH programs and the outcomes, including the management of chronic conditions, the cost of inpatient and outpatient care and the appropriateness of care. The goals of the Collaborative are to improve clinical outcomes, increase patient satisfaction with care and help lower the health care cost trend.

“This is a tremendously exciting opportunity for us to be a part of a national dialogue and initiative to make the PCMH the new model of care in primary practice,” said David Labby, M.D., Ph.D., CareOregon medical director.

CareOregon will be the clinical lead for the initiative, responsible for integrating the organizations’ current learning networks into a broader medical home learning network. OPCA will be the fiscal agent and lead for working with stakeholders to support the sustainability and spread of patient-centered medical homes through health policy.


About ACHP

ACHPis a membership organization of 19 non-profit, community-based and regional health plans from across the country providing coverage and care for approximately 15 million Americans. These health plans focus on improving the health of the communities they serve through integrated and coordinated care delivery.  They are on the leading edge of patient care coordination, patient-centered medical homes, accountable health care delivery, use of information technology, and other innovations leading to improvements in administrative efficiency and the quality of care. They maintain strong community ties and close plan/physician partnerships. Almost all ACHPmember plans participate in Medicare, most are in Medicaid, and most also offer coverage in the commercial market. For more information, see


About CareOregon

CareOregon is a non-profit health plan that serves Oregonians with Medicare and Medicaid, including about one-quarter of Oregon Health Plan participants. Its mission is to help all Oregonians have quality health care, even in these times when health care is hard to afford. CareOregon works with its members and its network of providers so members can live healthier lives and have high-quality, affordable, effective health care whenever they need it, now and in the future. The Primary Care Renewal program is an essential part of this effort. For more information, see