Welcome to ACHP

Welcome to the Alliance of Community Health Plans.

Months of hard work have gone into building a new online home for ACHP that better serves the needs of our member plans and the many stakeholders who follow our work. I’m happy to share the result. We believe our website redesign better reflects ACHP’s mission and values, improves navigability and more easily highlights publications, pages, topics and events of interest.

In addition to serving the information needs of our members, ACHP is a resource for the public, policymakers, and researchers looking for information about the nation’s highest performing health plans and systems. We have added new materials and streamlined the site to make sure information is at your fingertips.

To make it easier for our members and external audiences to find the content most important and relevant to them, we have created two new “audience gateways.”

    • Log in to “For Members” for all our Learning and Innovation publications; a host of analysis tools, including our HealthPlan Performance Gauge™; event summaries and materials; the archives of our popular Media Monitoring Report; and much more.
  • “For the Public” includes information about our 22 member plans and how their focus on quality is making health care better for the communities they serve. This gateway will feature new reports, case studies and other ACHP publications along with press releases and easy-to-use summary documents. We will also include updates on developments in public policy and legislation, as well as recent advocacy efforts.

And with the world of health care changing so rapidly, we will be providing you with ongoing commentary through our blog, ACHP: Health Care Perspectives, a thoughtful look at current health care issues and trends by ACHP’s member plans and staff.

As always, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at Patricia@achp.org.


Patricia Smith
President and CEO