The importance of deep roots

While the dialogue here in Washington continues to revolve around the implications of sequestration, the fiscal standoff and the federal debt ceiling, local conversations about how to deliver the best value in health care have become even more vital. ACHP’s member plans recognize the importance of persisting in efforts to improve community health and provide affordable, quality care. Our latest report, Value-Driven Health Plans, provides compelling examples of what our plans are doing in their communities to achieve these goals, and highlights some of their encouraging results. In many cases, it is not what ACHP plans are doing that distinguishes them from others, it is how and why they are doing it.

As the brief states, ACHP plans have been in their communities for an average of 37 years, demonstrating their local roots and deep ties to the populations that they serve. Because of their long-standing presence, the plans have been able to develop strong and trusting relationships with providers, out of a mutual desire to better the health of their patients and share best practices.

Of course, innovations can only go so far if they are not scalable. ACHP members confirm that high-quality health plans can flourish regardless of the care-delivery model: ACHP members range in structure from fully integrated HMO models to plans that contract with a network of providers. Additionally, as our non-profit members are not accountable to investors, they can focus on providing better, more innovative and affordable health care.

The report is chock full of examples of how ACHP plans are national leaders in health care quality, consistently ranking among the top-performing health plans in the nation.

Take a look at the brief to see how ACHP plans are making a difference in their communities, and let us know what you think!


Photo courtesy of DeviantArt.

Wendi Bootes