Being Smart About Summer Safety

Summer officially began a few weeks ago, but for many the long July 4 weekend heralds the real start to the season. Whether you are traveling, exercising or just enjoying the outdoors, we have gathered some advice to help you stay safe and healthy this summer.

The Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan (CDPHP) blog offers Tips for Safe Travel. The post includes a link to the My CDPHP Mobile app, whose “Find a Doc” feature helps travelers find urgent care facilities, pharmacies and other medical services around the country.

Remember that summer heat can be dangerous. The Washington Post has published an infographic that explains how our body adjusts to hotter temperatures, a process called acclimatization. As the infographic points out, people of different ages and fitness levels acclimatize at different rates.

Before you and your family dive in the pool, check out “THRIVE!,” a blog offered by McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White in Temple, Texas. Dominic Lucia, M.D., medical director of emergency medicine at the hospital, explains the difference between delayed and dry drowning and offers advice on keeping little swimmers safe.

And finally, U.S. News & World Report ranks the best sunscreens and bug sprays, the Bike Helmet Safety Institute gives an exhaustive rundown of 2014 helmet trends and the National Fire Protection Association lists its grilling safety tips.

Now get outside and enjoy! Before you know it, we’ll be posting tips on keeping yourself warm during below-freezing winter workouts.

Rachel Horn, ACHP intern