Showing the Way: How Community Health Plans Are Creating the Future

We’re excited to announce the publication of ACHP’s new report to the community, Showing the Way: How Health Plans are Creating the Future, which showcases the incredible work that our member plans are doing in their communities to improve health care quality, reduce costs and mitigate disparities in care. And the report couldn’t come at a better time, as legislators, health policy experts and communities across the nation continue to search for ways to improve access, quality and affordability of care.

There is no doubt that 2013 will prove to be another momentous year for health care – as we strive to transform our health care system, let’s look to pioneers in the field who lead by example, using evidence-based tools, innovative programs and collaborative efforts to ensure excellent, affordable care.

Our member plans are centered around a mission to support the health of our communities, deliver optimal patient care and ensure the affordability of care. Our report details the passionate and insightful work that our 22 member organizations are engaged in to deliver on that mission. Many have found unique and resourceful ways to overcome the myriad challenges facing the current system, such as misaligned incentives, fragmentation among plan, provider and patient, and the perennial issue of rising health care spending. Of course, the process of improving and transforming care is a continuous and unsteady one, and the plans profiled here are all striving to constantly improve their methodologies and adapt to the shifting environment.

We hope our latest report provides insights and ideas to clinicians, thought leaders and policy makers alike as we chart the path to a healthier, more sustainable future. We encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think!

Wendi Bootes