Rewarding High Quality: Practical Models for Value-Based Physician Payment

In our newest brief, Rewarding High Quality: Practical Models for Value-Based Physician Payment, we examine how ACHP members across the U.S. have launched a diverse range of initiatives to reduce costs while increasing quality of care.

We highlight four strategies for creating value-based payments based off of member initiatives and share specific and replicable strategies from Alliance of Community Health Plan (ACHP) members:

  • Introduce increasing levels of risk gradually, regularly assessing for provider and practice readiness and investing in care management capabilities.
  • Tailor measures to the performance improvement goals of physician practices.
  • Develop actionable performance data, to include patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes measures, and initiate frequent payer-provider engagement to drive improvement and share best practices.
  • Provide cost and quality information at the individual clinician level and when possible, ensure that payment incentives go to both practices and individuals.

We released the brief yesterday at a webinar with panelists from UPMC Health Plan, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan and Evolent Health and facilitated by Pat Courneya, M.D., of Kaiser Permanente and a member of the Guiding Committee for the CMS Health Care Payment Learning Action Network.


Click here to read the brief, listen to the webinar and view the slides.


-Zoya Haroon