Pediatric Obesity: Addressing a National Challenge at a Local Level

As community-based, nonprofit health insurance plans, ACHP organizations understand that pediatric obesity presents a challenge to individuals, families and communities. ACHP plans believe that insurers’ fundamental responsibilities include providing treatment and prevention to support healthy lifestyles. Over the years, these plans have invested in their neighborhoods, parks, schools, businesses and local organizations to shape the future of their communities.

ACHP plans are leading a range of initiatives to address the childhood obesity epidemic, from research-driven pilot projects to partnerships with government leaders, statewide associations, and local providers. This multi-pronged approach demonstrates how health insurance plans can take a prominent role—as a local integrator of resources and stewards of community health—to combat a rising epidemic. The ACHP Pediatric Obesity Report highlights specific activities ACHP plans are involved with in engaging three important stakeholders of childhood health — communities, members and families and providers.