Public Health

CareOregon Innovation Profile_screenshot

Looking for a way to support its hospitals and nursing staff, CareOregon adapted an innovative U.K. program called Releasing Time to Care.

KP Innovation Profile_screenshot

Kaiser Permanente of Southern California implemented the Healthy Bones program to proactively identify, screen and treat those with, or at risk of, osteoporosis.

Independent Health_screenshot

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive health information technology network in western New York, Independent Health has pulled together area stakeholders and competitors to collaborate on a digital medical record database, and combat chronic diseases with a unified purpose.

Priority Health Innovation Profile_screenshot

Priority Health of Grand Rapids provides children covered by Medicaid with greater access to health care services through a patient-centered medical home, helping improve the health of all children in Michigan.

PowerUp Innovation Profile_screenshot

In Minneapolis, HealthPartners’ PowerUp program, directed at childhood obesity, is changing the culture around food and activity.

Healthy Living Center Innovation Profile_screenshot

In 2013, CDPHP joined with the YMCA and Hannaford supermarkets to offer its community a free place to learn about healthy eating, fitness and health care.