This report profiles the work of ACHP member plans, who demonstrate that improving health care involves changing both the way plans work and the communities in which they live.


ACHP’s infographic series highlights drug cost trends for widely prescribed drugs within various therapeutic classes and communicates the potential effect of these prices on key stakeholders. » LDL Cholesterol (released in September 2016). Key takeaways include: Generic statins cost as little as $3.30 per month, are proven safe and generally well tolerated. Generic statins canRead more »


Medication Therapy Management (MTM) promotes collaboration among pharmacists, patients and providers to establish safe and effective drug regimens for optimal therapeutic outcomes.


While specialty drugs constitute less than 1 percent of all U.S. prescriptions, they accounted for more than a quarter of the country’s total pharmacy costs in 2013.


Prescription drug misuse, particularly of opioid painkillers, is a growing public health problem.