Pharmacy Directors Collaborative: May 2015 Meeting

Thank you to all the ACHP Pharmacy Directors who participated in making our meeting in Chicago such a successful learning event. Your energy and thoughtful input over the course of a very busy day was greatly appreciated.


Below you will find two summaries highlighting the topics discussed at the meeting.

Executive Summary

  •  Provides an overview of the key points discussed during each presentation.

Content Summary

  • Offers a greater level of detail for those who would like additional information on a particular topic discussed. All presentations from the meeting are also linked to the topic headers within the summary.


  • Examine the pre-work survey responses to learn how ACHP member plans are approaching affordability discussions (specific to Hepatitis C). Some of the messages communicated in the compilation may prove useful in the HepC and debate sessions.
  • Document a few statements/points that will allow you to argue both in favor and against the proposed resolution in the Affordability Debate session. The proposed resolution is: The U.S. Government ought to set limits on the prices of prescription drugs. Attendees will be randomly assigned a position at the meeting, therefore you will want to be prepared to argue both sides. The prep call recording and slides provide background (YouTube videos and articles included).