Independent Health Foundation “Talking” Vending Machine Social Media Campaign Encourages Good Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors

Independent Health Foundation recently released a series of promotional videos for its Healthy Options® program featuring a “talking” vending machine which that encourages patrons to choose a healthier option in place of typical vending machine snacks. The three videos, which were released in early March via the Foundation’s social media channels, have already received almost 60,000 initial views.

In the videos, the vending machine gives potential buyers the option of eating something healthier, or performing a task such as jumping jacks or push-ups to earn their original choice. The machine’s messages, themed around healthy living practices, are titled Work Off Your Snack, Read the Ingredients, and Make a Promise to Eat Healthier. University at Buffalo students unknowingly participated in the videos as they selected their snacks at an on-campus vending machine.