Delivering on Customer Needs in the New Health Care Landscape

As health insurers and providers move toward more patient-centered care, Fallon Community Health Plan (FCHP) has launched initiatives to collaborate with consumers. In 2012, Fallon worked with a private online community of more than 300 customers from around Massachusetts to understand what factors influence their choice of health insurance plan. The company learned that people were frustrated by the product’s complexity and felt they lacked sufficient education to make informed choices.

In response, Fallon introduced the idea of a retail space and asked the community for feedback. The result of the feedback was the company’s first brick-and-mortar FCHP Information Center, where members can come in to ask questions, discuss their options with health care representatives and take yoga classes, participate in smoking cessation workshops and receive a host of other valuable benefits. Fallon also piloted a program that rewards wellness. Members were so inspired by this concept that they offered their own ideas about how to make it better. In 2013 the “Healthy Health Plan” was introduced, offering customers incentives and assistance to become and remain healthy.