Consistency for the Nine-Month Episode of Care

The women’s health physician and leadership team at Geisinger Health System started with a challenge: Could it take the core fundamentals of the health system’s ProvenCare model of best practices from a surgical procedure such as a coronary artery bypass graft and apply those to perinatal care?

Harry O. Mateer Jr., M.D., director of obstetrics and gynecology at Geisinger Medical Center, says that despite some obvious differences between perinatal care and a surgical procedure, delivering consistent care involves the same elements. In prenatal care, the best practices can sometimes be lab work, education, family history, social history or radiology studies, according to Mateer. What matters is that “all of those best practices are offered at the appropriate time for each and every individual, and that people don’t fall through the cracks because you think somebody else did it and you don’t have a good way of documenting and making sure it was done.”