ACHP Media Monitoring Report: April 3, 2017

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ACHP in the News:
ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly discusses the continuation of cost-sharing payments in Fierce Healthcare. Connolly notes in Healthcare Dive that community plans are committed to their markets.

Cost-sharing payments continue during lawsuit
The Trump Administration plans to fund cost-sharing payments while a lawsuit brought by the House of Representatives continues. Some insurers feel continuing payments through the end of the lawsuit is not enough, as they need greater certainty for 2018. The lawsuit is currently on hold, with a status update due in May.
Many low-income consumers rely on the cost-sharing payments to lower premiums and deductibles. Insurers say cutting the subsidies would lead to premium rate hikes.

Changes to Medicaid
Republican lawmakers often suggest work requirements as a modification to Medicaid, but data suggest those requirements are unlikely to have a large effect on the program. The majority of Americans who receive Medicaid benefits are working, and nearly 80 percent of recipients live in a family with at least one worker, according to a report released by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker supports an additional condition to receiving Medicaid coverage. Walker is planning to release a proposal that would require mandatory drug screening for Medicaid enrollees.

States, Trump take second look at health care policies
Many states that originally rejected Medicaid expansion are now debating the program. NPR reports on several states that are revisiting expansion. In Kansas, some lawmakers are working to overturn Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto on a bill to expand the program. Virginia is experiencing a similar political battle, as Gov. Terry McAuliffe pushes an unconvinced legislature for expansion. After Maine’s governor vetoed bills on five occasions, residents will vote on a ballot referendum to expand Medicaid this year.
President Trump said this weekend that the debate on health care is not over. According to Trump, talks on repeal and replace of the ACA will continue until a deal is struck.

Blog Review

Our weekly Blog Review features insightful posts from around the web and keeps an eye on medical industry and health news.

 Ensuring Compliance With Network Adequacy Standards: Lessons From Four States
Urban Institute
Since the ACA was passed, many insurers have rolled out plans with narrow networks as a way to provide a competitively priced product to consumers. This shift to narrow networks has raised concerns about patient access to adequate coverage “without unreasonable delay.” The Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have released a report detailing adequacy standards frequently implemented by states, which may become more relevant under a new administration.

Poll: GOP Support for Obamacare Repeal Plummets by 11 Points
Efforts to undo the Affordable Care Act are increasingly unpopular, writes politics reporter Jeff Stein. Almost two thirds of respondents to a McClatchy-Marist poll believe lawmakers should strengthen or retain the bill as is, and Republican support for the repealing the Affordable Care Act has fallen by 11 percent. The majority of Republicans still favor repealing the law, with 57 percent of GOP voters supporting repeal.