Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine Strengthen Collaboration

Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine have announced a plan to increase collaboration between their organizations in the Mid-Atlantic states, strengthening a relationship of more than 15 years.

What exactly does this mean for those living within the geographic region? According to the press release, “Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine will expand ways to deliver quality care by sharing evidence-based best practices, advancing population health programs, collaborating on education and research endeavors, and exploring how the organizations can work together to create better health care models for consumers and their communities.”

The emphasis of the agreement established between the two health care organizations is focused on:

  1. Sharing best practices and leveraging electronic medical records of providers and patients
  2. Strengthening the existing relationship between Kaiser Permanente and Suburban Hospital in Maryland
  3. Bringing care into the home to meet patient needs
  4. Advancing the patient experience and improving treatment outcomes while reducing costs by building on the existing collaboration
  5. Developing educations programs and research-based best practices

This effort reinforces the mission of both Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine to improve safety and quality of patient care, enhance patient experience and make health care more affordable.

Read the complete announcement on the Kaiser Permanente press page.

– Alex Orton