Happy Valentine’s Day (and an ACA deadline)

Many deadlines are looming in regards to the health care law, but one is particularly urgent. By February 15, states must decide whether to partner with the federal government to implement online health exchanges. Kyle Cheney and Jason Millman from Politico cover the story, reporting on the progress states have made and where governors and legislators stand on the issue.

For those who don't have to scramble to have a response ready by tomorrow, here are some excellent love- and science-related posts from around the web, in honor of Valentine's Day:

Betsey Stevenson & Justin Wolfers from Bloomberg have posted a unique and very large dataset (the largest of its kind, in fact) about the state of love around the world. Ezra Klein from the Washington Post Wonkblog posted a Valentine's Day chart (also composed by Justin Wolfers, using international polling data) on love and economic development.

For V-day a few years ago, Mark Fischetti of Scientific American posted a fascinating graphic depicting a brain in love, which demonstrates different heightened cognitive functions and the effects chemicals in the blood and brain have on emotions.

And last, an obligatory link to the heart-healthy benefits of eating dark chocolate.

<3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Photo courtesy of Bite Size Wellness.

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