Fall 2016 Marketplace Focus Meeting

ACHP will hold its fall 2016 Marketplace Focus Meeting at the W Chicago – Lakeshore hotel in Chicago, IL. It will begin with lunch at noon on Tuesday, October 25 and will run until 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26.  We will have a group reception and dinner that will include the marketplace leaders, as well as the medical directors, pharmacy directors and clinical executives on the evening of Tuesday, October 25.

The discussions will touch on a diverse set of topics including marketing department structures and strategies, the value of clinical programs to purchasers, large employer perspectives, public exchanges and consumer experience. Below is a detailed agenda that includes hyperlinks to all of the presentations that we have received so far (links are in either the session titles or presenter’s name). If you would like hard copies of the slide presentations, please be sure to print and bring them with you to the meeting. Additionally, this page will remain up-to-date with current information, presentations and materials.


  • Final agenda click here.

To make the meeting and discussions as effective as possible, we’ve compiled some materials to review and discussion questions to consider in advance:

  • Marketing Department Strategies: During a facilitated discussion, we will touch on a range of topics. Please come prepared to talk about your organization’s strategies for the following:
    • Digital and social media
    • Member communications especially for high deductible members
    • Ad and brand awareness
    • Market research
    • Advertising agency rules of engagement
  • Communicating the Value of Clinical Programs: We’ll have a joint session with the clinical executives to learn about how plans are describing the value of clinical programs to purchasers and distinguishing their value in the market. Please be thinking about the following questions which will help to guide the discussion:
    • What clinical programs and services do purchasers value?
      • What clinical programs offered by your organization seem to resonate the most with purchasers?
      • Which ones do health plans value that purchasers may not and what are the challenges there?
    • How do health plans communicate the value (such as through year-end reviews)?
      • Who is at the meetings and what materials do you provide?
  • Public Exchanges: In addition to a few presentations on plans’ experiences within the public exchanges, we’ll also have time to talk about strategies and challenges with these markets. During this, ACHP would like to get feedback on proposals that it is developing around stabilizing and strengthening the public exchanges.
    • CMS has recently announced outreach strategies and plans to drive more enrollments in the Marketplaces for the fourth Open Enrollment (OE4) period.
  • ACHP Business: ACHP is looking to streamline its Learning and Innovation programming (i.e. clinical and business collaboratives) in 2017 to enhance the organization’s influence, accelerate learning and create more focus and alignment with overall organizational objectives. The proposed framework outlines a few modest changes. Greater explanation will be provided at the meeting.