Fall 2015 Medical Directors Meeting Pre-Reads

Requested Pre-Reads

Below you’ll find the pre-reading for the ACHP Medical Directors Council meeting. These brief articles are designed to set the foundation for our discussions and will be referenced throughout the meeting to help provide perspective and guide insights.

Using Behavioral Economics to Design Physician Incentives that Deliver High Value Care (Behavioral Economics Session)

This article from Kevin Volpp discusses how behavioral economics can be used as part of the effort to reform payment models to reward value of care over volume. Please note that this article has not yet been released, and as such is embargoed. It has been emailed to the Medical Directors as an attachment. Please reach out to Matt Fuentes at mfuentes@achp.org if you need a copy.

Use Behavioral Economics to Achieve Wellness Goals (Behavioral Economics Session)

Kevin Volpp, who will address a joint session of the ACHP Medical Directors, Behavioral Health Directors and Marketplace Leaders, writes on how behavioral economics help us identify and overcome some of the psychological barriers that undercut our health goals.

How I Did It…Intuit’s CEO On Building A Design-Driven Company (Human Centered Design Session)

Brad Smith, the CEO of Intuit, authors this Harvard Business Review article that describes how he strove for excellence in design and values an intuitive and easy product experience for his customers.

The Ten Faces of Innovation (Human Centered Design Session)

As part of our session on human-centered design, this article highlights the different personas that should be part of an effective design process. The learning roles help keep a team from becoming too internally focused, and remind the organization not to be smug about what you “know”.

One Health Plan’s Perspective on Industry Consolidation (Mergers & Acquisitions Session)

This two-pager offers perspective from an ACHP plan on the immediate and long-term effects of the recent industry consolidation, with particular focus on the role of not-for-profit regional health plans.

Alternative Payment Models Overview (ACO/APM Sessions)

ACHP consultant Health Policy Alternatives drafted this overview of alternative payment models. It contains information on the ongoing movement toward value-based payment and provides overview information on models such as ACOs, shared savings, bundled payments and others.

Secondary Reading

While not required reading, these articles directly relate to conversations during the meeting and will offer valuable background information.

Summary from ACHP Medical Directors Session with IDEO (Human Centered Design Session)

To help refresh what we learned during last year’s session with IDEO, this link contains the summary from the workshop and a link to the materials IDEO provided.

Behavioral Economics Holds Potential To Deliver Better Results For Patients, Insurers, And Employers (Behavioral Economics Session)

This study by Kevin Volpp reviews a range of efforts from employers, insurers and providers to offer incentives for patients and employees to take better care of themselves. Volpp proposes how these programs could be made more effective through the use of insights from behavioral economics.

Turning principles of behavioral economics into healthier people (Behavioral Economics Session)

Kevin Volpp writes on turning economic principles into incentives that lead to better health outcomes, individual wellness and healthier living. He offers theoretical pillars for designing work meant to drive behavior change.

Effect of Anthem-Cigna Proposed Merger (Mergers & Acquisitions Session)

This analysis by Oppenheimer examines the financial implications of the merger and provides a detailed overview of the market effect of this deal.

MACRA: Charting the Future of Physician Payment (ACO/APM Sessions)

This slide deck provides an overview of how the recent Medicare Access and Chip Re-authorization Act (“SGR Fix”) affected payment reform, and what changes can be expected as a result of the legislation.

Telepsychiatry: Videoconferencing in the Delivery of Psychiatric Care (Telehealth Session)

This study describes the potential of telehealth services in psychiatric care, while also touching on the challenges and issues that could arise with an expansion of services.