ACHP Clinical Executives Collaborative Spring 2015 Meeting

Thank you to all the ACHP Clinical Executives who participated in making our inaugural meeting in Denver such a successful learning event. Your energy and thoughtful input over the course of a very busy two days was greatly appreciated.

If there are questions regarding the meeting materials, or if you have requests for additional information, Jennifer Sulkin,


Below you will find the executive and content summaries for the ACHP Spring 2015 CEC meeting. The content summary provides detailed information on the conversations at the meeting. Please refer to the executive summary for a top-level overview of the meeting.

Executive Summary

Content Summary


  • View the ACHP Care Management Handbook (released in November 2011) – a short and long version are attached – and come prepared to share lessons you have learned in care management in the past 5 years. For those plans featured in the Handbook, think of how your approach to care management has evolved since 2011.
  • Read Unlikelihood of Cure Did Not Reduce Chemo Use at End of Life – Cancer Network. A recent study found that patients with metastatic lung and colorectal cancer who understood that chemotherapy would not cure them of their cancer were no less likely to receive chemotherapy at the end of life than patients who did not understand that fact. However, these patients were more likely to enroll in hospice We will discuss this article as part of our Monday morning conversation on approaches, issues and paths forward in oncology care.
  • Though not required reading, here is a list of supplemental reading if you are interested.