ACHP February 2016 Behavioral Health Collaborative Meeting

The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) Behavioral Health Collaborative and Quality Leaders met concurrently on February 29 – March 1 in Miami, Florida. The Behavioral Health Collaborative provides behavioral health leaders at ACHP member plans a forum for rapid learning and an opportunity to play an integral role in informing ACHP programs. The meeting agenda addressed an array of topics including measuring quality improvements in behavioral health, enhancing collaboration within the health plan, understanding autism mandates, integrating behavioral health services for children and adolescents in pediatric and family medicine practices, managing chronic pain and exploring the political landscape in Washington, D.C. Judy Feld, M.D., Independent Health; James Schuster, M.D., Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH), UPMC Insurance Division; and Jennifer Sulkin, ACHP, serve as leaders of the collaborative.

Meeting Agenda

ACHP Behavioral Health Collaborative Meeting – February 2016 – Final Linked Agenda

Registered Attendees

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In preparation for our meeting, we’ve compiled a set of pre-work/pre-reading materials, all of which relates to the topics on our agenda. These materials are designed to set the foundation for our discussions and will be referenced throughout the meeting to help provide perspective and guide insights.

There are two types of materials: “Recommended Pre-work” and “Further Reading.” We ask that you read and/or complete the “Recommended” materials as part of the pre-work. The articles designated as “Further Reading” are pieces we think are valuable, but if you have limited time, we would rather you concentrate that time on the recommended materials.

We recognize this is a comprehensive set of materials to review and questions to consider. We appreciate the time you put into making these meetings the very successful collaborative learning events that they are.

Recommended Pre-work

  • NCQA has provided questions for your response. Your feedback will help inform the discussion at the meeting, and may influence NCQA’s approach to behavioral health measure development. Please complete the survey by February 19. ACHP will share your responses with NCQA.
  • ACHP is continuously measuring the usefulness and quality of its learning programs and collaboratives. We are particularly focused on ensuring members are able to practically apply what they learn in ACHP sessions. Please reflect on the last ACHP Behavioral Health Collaborative meeting held in September 2015 (see agenda and summary) and respond to a brief surveyPlease complete the survey by February 19. We will highlight responses received during our meeting in Miami.
  • During the joint session, the behavioral health and quality leaders will discuss how they collaborate at their respective plans. Prior to the meeting, we ask that you connect with your quality leader to identify best practices and areas of opportunity for collaboration around measure performance improvements at your plan. Please come prepared to share at the meeting. If your plan’s quality leader is not attending the ACHP Quality Focus meeting (see registered attendees list), you will have the opportunity to partner and discuss with other ACHP member plan representatives.

Further Reading (Please do not distribute this material externally.)