Key Issues in National Health Care Policy Series Updated with Latest Federal Budget Figures

ACHP updated its Key Issues in National Health Care Policy series today with the latest figures on the federal budget released by the Congressional Budget Office.  To view the updated presentation click hereand select the “Federal Budget Environment” link at the top of the page. 

The presentation reviews the federal fiscal situation over the next ten years and its implications for Medicare and Medicaid.  Section 1 presents projections of federal spending and revenue, the deficit, and the increasing interest payments that result from accumulating deficits. Section 2 presents Medicare and Medicaid spending, which is increasing faster than the rest of federal spending, and highlights those programs as key components of the overall budget.

As part of our commitment to educating our members, policymakers, and the public, ACHP and the ACHP Foundation maintain a series on Key Issues in National Health Care Policy. Using data from leading sources, the series discusses important health care issues and trends in a manner accessible to a broad audience.  

You can view the entire Key Issues series here.  We add new topics on a regular basis and continuously update existing materials.