Community Health Plans Weigh in on Tom Price Senate Finance Committee Hearing, Affordable Care Act Repeal Efforts

Contact: Charlie Patterson,
Erin Grandstaff,

Community Health Plans weigh in on Tom Price Senate Finance Committee Hearing,
Affordable Care Act repeal efforts

ACHP says that any repeal of the Affordable Care Act must be paired with an effective
stabilization agenda that ensures ongoing, affordable coverage and care

Washington, D.C. (January 23, 2017) –The Alliance for Community Health Plans (ACHP) released a statement today reinforcing its position on the most constructive framework for any repeal efforts
of the Affordable Care Act in order to ensure effective and uninterrupted delivery of affordable
coverage to patients and the continued stability of health care markets.

“Like Dr. Price, ACHP and its members believe health reform must center first and foremost on the
needs of patients. Uncertainty and instability hurt patients and the businesses trying to care for
them,” said Ceci Connolly, President and CEO of the Alliance of Community Health Plans. “It is
incumbent on Congress and the Trump administration to assure a smooth transition.”

ACHP maintains that early action to adopt a near-term stabilization agenda will help avoid large
scale market withdrawal and loss of coverage. The agenda should focus on three core principles:
affordability, adequate funding and a stable risk pool.

The Alliance supports the following steps to ensure that individuals and families will not lose
coverage or be severely disrupted as a result of any hasty ACA repeal efforts:

  • Permanent repeal of the health insurance tax and greater flexibility in product design will go a long way in keeping costs down. Consumers and health plans need assurances that
    purchasing subsidies will continue to be available, even as policymakers debate new
    approaches. Without premium subsidies and cost sharing reductions, millions of Americans
    will be unable to afford the coverage they count on.
  • Health plans and state regulatory agencies must soon make decisions on policies and rates
    for the individual market for 2018. Plans need clarity on the rules and funding in order to
    commit to next year.
  • Patients and their caregivers are entitled to clear expectations and information about
    available options; changes can be extremely disruptive if not communicated clearly and well
    in advance.

“The individual insurance market has always been challenging. Now is the time to improve the
market, not throw it into chaos,” continued Connolly.” Our nonprofit, community-based plans look
forward to working with policymakers to ensure a smooth path forward.”


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