ACHP Foundation and Partnership for Prevention Collaborate to Improve Utilization of High-Value Preventive Care Services

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention awards ACHP Foundation $100,000 grant to promote new preventive services resources 

WASHINGTON, D.C. The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) Foundation today announced that it received a $100,000 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the initial year of a three-year project to promote new evidence-based research that will rank 30 clinical preventive care priorities in areas that include obesity and diabetes.  The ACHP Foundation will also market Web-based tools that identify employers’ highest care priorities based on the unique attributes of a company and its workforce.

“Companies that cover preventive care are investing in their employees’ health for years to come,” said Jack Ebeler, President and CEO of the ACHP Foundation and a member of the National Commission on Prevention Priorities (NCPP), which is expected to release the study and tools in March 2006.  “But there is little agreement on which types of care deserve the most attention.  When employers work with a health plan to design a benefit, they need to know which preventive services offer the most value.  The new rankings and tools promise evidence-based guidance.” 

The ACHP Foundation will collaborate with Partnership for Prevention, employers, health plans and benefits consulting and purchasing organizations to promote the new research and tools.  Another goal of the project is to improve utilization rates for the highest-value clinical preventive services.

“For years, Partnership for Prevention has worked with purchasers and plans to explain the need for preventive care,” said John Clymer, President of Partnership for Prevention. “The ability of a company to quickly and easily identify the preventive services that serve its employees best is a significant step toward our goal of improved utilization of high-value preventive services.  We are excited to work with the ACHP Foundation to build awareness about these new resources and promote their broader use.”

When released in March 2006, the new research and tools will with new data a landmark 2001 study issued by Partnership for Prevention that ranked preventive care services according to US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations.

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The ACHP Foundation is dedicated to research that will enhance health care in the United States. As a 501(c)(3) corporation, the Foundation is publicly supported. Through a network of member and subcontractor organizations, the Foundation seeks to inform and facilitate dialogue about new tools, best practices and innovative initiatives to foster improvement in health care, including assuring culturally competent care and the reduction of health disparities.

Partnership for Prevention is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that develops evidence-based solutions to major national health challenges. Partnership’s mission is to improve American’s health by preventing illness and by promoting health. Its members include leading employers, health care providers, patient groups, health policy organizations, academic health centers, and public health agencies.  More information is available at