ACHP Medical Directors Council Spring 2015 Meeting



The ACHP Medical Directors, Clinical Executives Collaborative and Quality Leaders met April 13-15, 2015 in Denver in concurrent and separate sessions.

This meeting focused on a number of top strategic priorities for the Medical Directors Council, among them addressing the cost of health care, evolving delivery models, addressing growing consumer expectations and marketplace opportunities and disruptors.

The below executive summary provides a top-level overview of the discussions at the meeting, as well as highlights future initiatives for the Medical Directors Council.The Content Summary provides detailed information on the conversations at the meeting.

Executive Summary

Content Summary

Meeting Agenda

Below please find the final linked agenda for the meeting.

The ACHP Clinical Executives Collaborative met in person for the first time at this meeting, and had joint sessions with the Medical Directors on Monday morning. Additionally, ACHP tested another learning collaborative of quality leaders from member plans; this group also met concurrently with the Medical Directors on Tuesday morning for a discussion of the future of quality measures, and what ACHP’s role should be in shaping that future.

ACHP Spring 2015 Medical Directors Council Meeting Linked Agenda


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