ACHP 2015 May Marketplace Focus Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming Marketplace Focus Meeting in Charlotte. A copy of the final agenda can be found below. The linked agenda will be available on the website following the meeting. Also, a recent report on network strategy options can be found here. This is not required reading, but we will reference this effort during our introductory remarks.

As always we will have an opening presentation where each participant will give a brief introduction. During this time we will be asking each participant a current issue they would like to discuss over the course of the meeting. We will take notes and track those issues during the meeting.

Monday afternoon will start with a policy update from Howard Shapiro, ACHP’s director of public policy who will highlight the current political environment and how passed or proposed policies could change the healthcare marketplace. We will then engage in a conversation, led by panelists from Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Priority Health, and Independent Health related to early exchange experiences (both public and private). Next Fallon Health will discuss how they have re-designed their exchange product portfolio for a risk-adjusted environment. Finally, we will have a discussion on other market opportunities featuring a discussion by CDPHP on student health plans and an open discussion on small group self-funding, reference-based pricing and other niche areas ACHP members are exploring.

Tuesday morning we will discuss strategies for structuring and staffing marketing functions for a more consumer-oriented environment. SelectHealth will share their work around its effort in this area. Tuesday morning will end with a discussion with ACHP staff on what more collaborative work across the marketplace leaders of ACHP member plans may be valuable, and strategies that we could use to move the work forward.

Tuesday afternoon’s discussion will focus on meeting purchaser expectations. We will review the results of a survey we sent on purchaser expectations earlier in the month, and then HealthPartners and CDPHP will share specific examples of how they are working to meet purchaser expectations in the employer market.

If you have any questions about the agenda or materials please to not hesitate to contact me or Desi Wilson (

We look forward to seeing everyone in Charlotte in a few days!