ACHP Plans: Innovating To Achieve The Industry’s Triple Aim

ACHP’s 21 nonprofit, community-based and regional health plans and provider organizations improve the health of the communities they serve and are on the leading edge of patient care coordination, accountable health care delivery, information technology use and other innovations that aim to improve affordability and the quality of care patients receive.

Members span the full range of delivery models; some contract with independent physicians or physician groups, while others work extensively with provider groups that are part of a plan-affiliated delivery system. Though each ACHP member is unique, they share a common vision of better health, and better, more affordable health care that benefits patients, employers and the broader communities in which they are located.

ACHP profiles its members’ innovations by topic, health plan and year. All ACHP publications are available online.

  • The Health Plan Innovations in Patient-Centered Care Series includes publications on Strengthening Primary Care for Patients, Transitions of Care from Hospital to Home and Care Management. Reports, briefs and one-page handouts for each publication profile health plan initiatives to coordinate care, use of data and health information technology and their work in communities. Appendices and accompanying profiles provide detailed information on a plan-by-plan basis.
  • ACHP plans believe that insurers’ fundamental responsibilities include providing treatment and prevention to support healthy lifestyles. Over the years, these plans have invested in their neighborhoods, parks, schools, businesses and local organizations to shape the future of their communities. In January 2011, ACHP published Pediatric Obesity: Addressing a National Challenge at a Local Level, which highlights specific activities ACHP plans are involved with to engage three important stakeholders of childhood health: communities, members and families and providers.
  • ACHP Innovation Profiles are case studies on individual plan initiatives to engage patients, improve health outcomes, build stronger communities and bend the health care cost curve. Read how Kaiser Permanente prevents more than a thousand hip fractures every year; how Group Health Cooperative saved more than $50 million in 2010 by preventing unnecessary hospital readamissions; and Independent Health’s work to improve access to electronic health records by bringing together community stakeholders.
  • Each year’s Report to the Community contains information on ACHP members’ innovations, initiatives and placement in national health quality rankings over the previous year.