ACHP Members Are …

… leaders in health care quality

ACHP members are national leaders in health care quality that annually rank among the top performing health plans in the nation, with excellent performance in both the NCQA Health Care Quality Rankings and the CMS Medicare Advantage Star Ratings. Read more about ACHP members.

… advocating for better health and health care

ACHP and its member organizations support health care reforms that ensure access for all to a high value system of care that provides outstanding patient experience. Public comment letters, policy position papers and other legislative/advocacy resources reflect consensus among ACHP member plans. Read more about member advocacy.

… innovating to achieve the industry’s Triple Aim

ACHP member plans are role models for other health plans in innovating to achieve the industry’s Triple Aim – better health, better care, at a lower cost. This work is profiled in a number of publications, including our innovation profiles, ACHP’s Health Plan Innovations in Patient-Centered Care series, our Annual Report and on our blog. Read more about achieving the industry Triple Aim.

…deeply involved in their communities

ACHP’s innovation profiles showcase our members’ success in improving health care quality and the affordability of care in their communities. Our members’ tweets also offer a snapshot of the work they are performing. Read more about community involvement.